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Salcans Project Process

Our remodeling process in any project are always fairly the same, making it easy for us and our clients. In our processes, we collaborate and talk about your need, however, not all projects are the same but Salcans ensures you the best process possible that will help build trust and relationship with each other.  Here is what you can expect from your remodeling project with Salcans:


Send us A Message About Your Project

The first step is to message us about your project, letting us know what you need us to do., or call us. We will get back to you as soon as possible and we'll determine if we're a good fit for you with our services. 


Greet Each Other & Inspection

We'll collaborate and make an appointment, then we'll come inspect your home's project location to give you a realistic estimate of the work. Salcans will let you know how long this project might take to complete. In this step, you'll have an overall scope if this is something you want us to do.


Preparation and Pre-Construction

In the preparation step, we get everything that is needed to get started such as materials, have highly accurate design for guidance, and additional items before we start the project. We will let you know when we will come in to begin the work.


Communication and Progress Update

Depending on the size of the project and the time of the completion, we communicate with you about our progress, letting you know what to expect, and if there is something you need to know we will address it ensuring that you are informed and up-to-date with progress.


Final Touches and Inspection

At this stage, we do our final touches, we make sure everything is where it's supposed to be. We see your thoughts and the adjustments you want us to make. This is where your project is on the edge of completion.


Project Completion and Follow-Up

The last and simple stage of the process is where we clean up before departure and you take a full look at your new (remodeled or renovated) space. Usually, our clients are always satisfied with the new look. And finally, we let you enjoy your newly finished home.


Need a Remodeling Estimate?

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