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About Salcans

Salcans is a friendly family-owned business and our goal is to provide one of the best remodeling services in Portland and local areas. From many years of experience in construction doing residential and commercial remodeling services, we decided to satisfy people with our work by running a business in Portland, Vancouver, and nearby areas with more than 250 completed projects Over the years we gained trust and relationships with our clients providing exactly what they wanted. We love what we do and our passion has only increased over the years. Salcans is not just some random construction and remodeling company but rather your local professional remodeling company that wants your home goals to succeed.

If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional, and friendly home remodeling company, Salcans is the best choice. Visit our service page or send us a message through the form below.

Avel Damian

Co-Founder | Remodeling Expert 

Abel has over 30 years of experience in his profession. He is a hereditary builder. This is the case when a father passes on to his son not only experience and knowledge but also a love for the construction craft. The high level of work is due to many years of experience as a general contractor in Europe and the USA. Knowledge of advanced construction technologies and materials, ability to work with plans and specifications, as well as a friendly staff team helped the company move from the simplest to the most complex renovation tasks.


Pavel Damian

Co-Founder | Project Manager

Pavel is Salcans main project manager. Understanding the needs of clients well, he provides the most advanced design solutions in renovation. Excellent communication, attention to detail, and deadlines help build trust and create good relationships with clients for many years. Paul goes over all the details such as materials, pricing, planning, blueprints, and project length, as well as providing professional suggestions if needed.

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