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 Installing Closet in Portland 

Your local Closet Installation Company in Portland

Well Organized Closet

 Salcans Closet Installation 

Have you ever considered how valuable a well-organized closet might be in your home?

At Salcans, we recognize that having a neat and well-organized closet is not only attractive to the eyes but also a functional storage room. One big reason to have a good closet is to use your space wisely. Some homes don't have a lot of extra room and it's important to use the space we do have in the best way possible. When we install a closet, we make sure it fits your needs perfectly. It doesn't matter if it's a big walk-in closet, a smaller one, or a custom-made wardrobe. We can help you make your space work well for you.


At Salcans, we think that a closet should not only be a place to put things but also a helpful part of your daily life. We think about every detail during the installation. Our goal is to make sure your closet looks nice and the way you want it to be which will help you every day.

Having a good closet is not just good for you but it's also good for your home's value. When you have a well-designed closet, it can make your home worth more money. People in Portland who are looking to buy a home often like to see nice closets because they help keep things organized.

We care about helping people make their homes better with good closets. We believe that having an organized home brings happiness to people.

We take every closet installation project seriously. We know that each one is different, so we talk to our clients a lot to understand what they want. From the very beginning to the end, we pay close attention to every detail.

We install:
  ● Adjustable Shelving
  ● Hanging Bars
  ● Shoe Racks


Materials include:
● Wired
● Plywood

For Closet Design and Layout Ideas visit Lowe's.

Portland closet installation

 Why Choose Salcans? 

When you pick Salcans for your closet project, you're choosing a company that wants to make your home better no matter how big or small your project is. We have experts that do full remodeling and installation closets is one of the exciting works. We offer lots of choices for materials and designs to fit your taste and budget.

 Closet Installation Service Areas 

Our main service location is in Portland  but we are happy to work in our nearby areas such as:

Vancouver, WA

Salmon Creek, WA

Ridgefield, WA

Battleground, WA

Camas, WA

Washougal, WA​​

Portland, OR
Tigard, OR
Beaverton, OR
Happy Valley, OR
Hillsboro, OR
Clackamas, OR

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