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 TV Mounting Portland Oregon 

Your local TV Mounting Experts in Portland Oregon ready to help you.

 TV Mounting Portland Oregon 

Mounting a TV can be very difficult depending on the size of the TV and the shape and design of the mount itself. This is where Salcans comes in to help you take on the burden of TV mounting. With many years of experience in home remodeling and professional handyman services, we have what it takes to mount a TV in Portland Oregon. 

We advise you not to install a TV by yourself and without any experience in mounting a TV. Experts make sure the TV mount is properly installed with the most precise measurements because if the mount isn't sitting tight and not screwed in as needed, then it will not withstand the TV's weight causing your items to be damaged which will increase the expense. 


We mount all kinds of TVs from small to large size as well as different mounts. The most popular and suggested TV mount in Portland Oregon and other places is Sanus VMPL50A and full motion TV mount. If you have any other mount we'll happily help you mount it. The process of mounting TV is fairly simple but lifting heavy weight, making sure everything is lined up, and having the right tools to execute this service is on our part.

If you wish to have a TV in particular of the house then it's not a problem, just make sure the mount itself was intended to be located in that spot, there are corner mounts, full motion mounts, and common wall mounts. If you want your TV to be above the fireplace, kitchen, in front of the couch on the wall, or whatever you desire, our experts will do the work just as you want it to be. Installing a TV mount usually takes from 1 hour up to 2 hours, depending on the size of the TV.

Choose the right TV mount from Best Buy.

If you need TV Mounting in Portland Oregon then give us a call or send us a message and we'll get back to you right away.

Here is what our clients say about our TV Mounting Service

Avel is professional, responsive, and nice to work with. They measured and double confirmed before they mounted tv on my tile wall. They cleaned everything before they left. They gave advice sincerely before delivering the job. Overall a great experience with them to mount tv. Highly recommended!"

- Huimin Chuang


 TV Mounting Service Areas 

Salcans service area is commonly located in Portland Oregon for TV mounting however if you are located near Portland then don't worry here are areas of our service.

                     - Vancouver

                     - Battle Ground

                     - Beaverton

                     - Clackamas

                     - Camas

                     - Hazel Dell

                     - Ridgefield

                     - Hillsboro

                     - Orchards

If your city or town wasn't named but you're located near Portland give us a call or send us a message for TV mounting.

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